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-Karolanne Elizabeth Abston. 18. Job Corps. Taken. Happy. Back in Minnesota, for now. Wanting to travel. Wanting this year to be over already. No more school, thank god. Depression sucksssss. xD Yeahhhhhhhhh.

Karolanne. 18. Job Corps soon. Taken. 3/1/14

Job Corps soon. Taken. 3/1/14 <3 Back in Minnesota. Happy. (: 

18. Working on getting my G.E.D. Single, inlove tho. <3 Floridaaa. Missin’ Minnesotaaa. Weed. Candles. Food. Hot showers. Snow. Pumpkin spice. Mac make up. Tattos. Men with facial hair. Coldplay. Chillin’. Kik, Karolanneliz.

My bestfriend and I &lt;3 

My bestfriend and I <3